Do you remember this photo from a previous post?

aug18 015

That was at the beginning of my secret project. There you will find a pile of felt, all leftovers from the birthday crown project; a cream/wheat color valance, which has been packed up and moved to 4 different states, but never used as a window dressing; and my enormous collection of embroidery floss.

I snipped the ‘tabs’ off the tab-top valance and hand stitched on all the felt pieces. It took a couple of weeks to accomplish, in little bits and pieces when no one was watching.

Friday, finally, all the pieces were ready for it to be sewn together using my lovely, old machine. While the wee ones were busy I hung it up on the wall:

aug29 015

Love Pockets!

Each of the rectangles is open at the top so that it can receive notes from other family members. 😀

aug29 017

aug29 018

aug29 019

aug29 020

aug29 021

As is obvious, I just freehand stitched all the names. That part was the most fun of all. 🙂 While the Mama and Papa pieces are rather straightforward, I found that as I stitched Nic’s, his personality seemed to be taking over the stitches, and then that continued with Theo’s and Whinnie’s. I couldn’t be happier with the finished product.

As soon as the boys saw the new ‘thing’ on the kitchen wall they were curious. When I explained to them what it was, off they ran to get paper and crayons and pencils and start creating. Each pocket had ‘mail’ within minutes and the activity continued throughout the busy weekend.

Tomorrow I’ll post about our busy weekend full of thrifting-finds and craft projects to come.

creatively yours,