How much fun is it to thrift for one’s needs?

Our Saturday included going to JoAnn’s for much needed notions for projects around the house…including curtains. A trip to Target provided the curtain rods. Yes, we’ve been in this house for more than 4 months…but no window has a curtain. As we cannot see any house from our house, and have much privacy out here miles from town, it has not been a priority. However curtains are a good way to help with temperature regulation. So I will be making curtains in coming weeks.

Sunday, though, became our thrifting day. It started with at $10 lawn mower found on craigslist. A perfectly running $10 lawn mower. Papa Chris is happy. He’s been managing the growth around the house with a weed-eater…but this does take a lot of time. But he’s not been wanting to pay full price for a new lawn mower. So the $10 version makes everyone happy. πŸ™‚

After picking up the lawn mower we headed to goodwill. I’ve been ‘stalking’ this particular store for weeks now, watching for glass containers for kitchen use. And baskets. And wool blankets. Thought I’ve yet to find glass containers or cannisters or wool blankets, I have found baskets and other wonders.

Sunday Papa Chris found quite a few clothes, Theo got two books, and each of the attachlings got a new stuffed animal friend. I found a fitted, flannel, twin size sheet for $2…and then Chris found another one! Later I found a denim dress and a corduroy jumper for myself…yeah, I know, how very homeschooly of me πŸ˜‰

But my favorite thrifty find of the day? This book:

aug29 022

It has dozens of simple projects (with explanations and templates) and cost only 99 cents! That’s a super find!

aug29 023

aug29 024

aug29 025

aug29 026

aug29 027

So much to do! Where to start?