Today — a mish-mash day of random thoughts, none of which seem enough for their own post. 😉

Yesterday afternoon, during Whinnie’s nap, I sat with all my homeschooling planning materials for the coming year. I had set them aside while I waited for a book on Form Drawing and another on Math. It was good to revisit these plans and to integrate these final elements before the weekend. My excitement was reignited and I was reminded how fun this is all going to be. 😀 Now I feel completely prepared to get started…with the exception of music. I hope that Papa Chris can take the attachlings somewhere…maybe for a nature hike…over the three-day-weekend so that I may watch the DVD and have some idea what I am doing with our music program this year. The pennywhistles are very tempting and the boys are eager…

Monday afternoon, again during Whinnie’s nap, I watched a DVD I picked up at the library: Super Size Me. Surely everyone has heard of this one…about the healthy man, Morgan Spurlock, who made a documentary out of his 30 days of eating all his meals from McDonalds. Watching this movie made me ever-so-much-more glad that we do not do fast food very often. There was a time in my stressed-out days when we did to fast food of one type or another once or twice a week. Now it’s about once a month and at Chick-fil-a most likely. Any more than that and I feel truly ill. But the movie wasn’t JUST about fast food, it was about changes in our society that have contributed to ill health and obesity…including processed foods and lack of activity.

Today I will probably spend a bit of my time reading a book that just arrived in the mail yesterday: Earl Mindell’s Herb Bible. The book was recommended to me by one of my awesome herbal-minded friends. And I was able to find a used copy on ebay for only $3.50 (free shipping!) Totally awesome find! I feel a strong pull to learning more about medicinal herbals, and to being prepared with fresh herbs, dry herbs and various ‘concoctions’ for my family for the coming winter. One of the activities for Theo’s curriculum this fall is to plant and maintain and indoor herb garden. What wonderful timing! Now to read up on which herbs are really easy and give quick results…for that very impatient 6 year old of mine.

No progress yet on the curtains or clothes from repurposed fabrics. I’m on day two of a headache that has just sapped me of any ability for sustained thought.

Autumnal weather has arrived, at least for the time being, and we are enjoying being outside for hours at a time.

off to it,