Fall-like weather has come to our mountainous area. No, I do not think that summer is ‘done’ with us…but I’m enjoying the cooler temperatures while I can. I love Autumn. It is my favorite season, full of clear, cool skies and sweaters and drinking hot tea and eating great soups. It is still warm enough to be outside alot, but not so hot you don’t want to be.

Cooler temperatures and the beginning of our homeschooling adventure next week have given me great motivation. Yesterday I made the curtain for Theo’s bedroom — and then Papa Chris (with Theo’s help) installed the bracket and hung it up last night. It’s a hit. Photos later when I’ve had a chance to make the matching valance.

I made a cover for my sewing machine as well. I’m hopeful that if it is ‘out of sight’ it will not be investigated by little fingers. Being able to keep it on the table will help me to use it more. 😀

Today I will make curtains for the master bedroom. Those (as well as the one I made for Nic’s room) will be made out of solarveil. I love that this will allow us to see outside and for cool breezes to come in…but also a bit of privacy.

After that? Clothes. I washed and air dried the flannel I bought over the weekend…now it is pre-washed and oh-so-soft. It will make wonderful, warm, fluffy jammies for the attachlings.

Ah, the motivation of having significantly less ‘free’ time starting next week. Just what I needed to get some things done.