Here it is a holiday, Labor Day, and we celebrate that Papa Chris is home with us. 🙂

Yesterday we went to a bookstore and a local playground and had an enjoyable, nearly free of errand-running day. And I made the valance to finish off the windows in Theo’s room. I’m now done with curtain making, unless we decide one is needed in the living room this winter.

I wanted the curtains done before we started homeschooling…just in time.

Yesterday found Nic making dozens of paper airplanes, one of his newer obsessions. And Theo sat at the kitchen table writing in his new journal. He had to have one, of course, when Nic got one. Nic’s is for journaling as a part of his homeschool-path. Theo’s is for whatever he wants, and he wanted to write. I am amazed at how clearly he forms letters, especially since, like reading, he’s completely self-taught.


This is the book I got at the store: Mother Nature’s Herbal by Judith Griffin. It’s wonderful! Full of information about the uses of various herbs, of course, but also filled with historical and cultural context. And loads of recipes, both culinary and medicinal. 😀

Off to read and get ready for the inaugural day of Mother Earth Waldorf Academy. 😀