Nothing much to report today. We’re in full-swing of homeschooling these days. After starting out with a good long nature hike — walking circle time I call it — we come home, read or tell a story and move on to Nic’s work. Then it’s on to lunchtime. Next it’s activities with Theo related to the day’s story or book. And Whinnie’s nap time.

Whew! Then it’s time for the boys to play together and me to regroup.

When I get into the swing of this new, fuller, rhythm, I’ll be using Whinnie’s down time to create and read and prepare and plan. But while I’m getting into the new routine…I’m kinda vegging out. πŸ˜€

I knew this would happen, which is why I pushed to finish projects before we started school.

Off to make lunch…and then to make carrot cake with Theo. πŸ˜€