Just in time for the start of our homeschool year, Mother Nature gifted us with this magnificent fall-like weather.

I wondered how it was going to work out…getting work done during the good, cool morning hours. But I was thinking summer…now I don’t have to wonder or worry.

We’ve been going for a walk each morning and then coming home almost spent to reading and working and creating and then lunch. Now, after lunch, the boys are outside enjoying this coming-fall-time and wee Whinnie is sound asleep.

Yes it is good to take a break during summer and to play and read and just be. And it is equally good to reengage and work on new rhythms, new patterns and new skills when the weather starts to shift.

And it is good that when one has cooking and baking as activities for the children that the weather cooperate and not make it to hot to do anything. 😉

from the edge of beautiful,