I was thinking about the blog last night and wondering what I could post about today. There’s been no crafty-productivity to report on this week. And all the homeschooling reports are over on my Mother Earth Waldorf blog.

Then I realized I’ve not mentioned Tapping at all here.

Sometimes referred to as Emotional Freedom Technique, tapping is a method of releasing stuck energy and negative memories via acupressure.

For those with bad childhoods or bad memories in general to cope with, Tapping is amazing.

For free videos and instructions to see if Tapping could help you, just go to: www.tapping.com It really is free and it really is worth the time.

Click on ‘free videos’ — the first video should answer your questions and help you see if it is for you. Make sure you have at least 30 minutes of private time and a glass of water.

Tapping has helped me immensely. I have felt lighter and more positive lately because of just a few tapping sessions. And it has totally ramped up my productivity…because I don’t have a little voice in my head telling me that I’m too much of a constant screw-up to accomplish anything. 😀

Please know, I get no compensation or favors for promoting the site. It’s not a multi-level-marketing blah, blah. I have a deep and complete aversion to anything that smacks of a scheme.

If it’s not for you, that’s cool. But I have found it to be very, very much for me.