I’m working on my new rhythms….and having sympathy for those that don’t find it easy.

I had nearly 5 months to get into a comfortable groove which included having my morning time free to my own mind. The boys would be outside and Whinnie would be my housework tagalong.

Now I’m trying to get into blogging while I cook lunch…schoolwork completed, attachlings off on their own adventures…newly freed from ‘captivity.’ 😉

But life continues on as well. There are two loads of laundry plus a quilt outside drying in the sun. Lunch is simmering or bubbling on the stove. Toys have been picked up and bathrooms have been tidied. After lunch we’ll attack the living room, which is where Whinnie and Theo make mayhem during Nic’s time doing schoolwork.

We had a great weekend complete with Civil War learning experiences in Harpers Ferry (for Papa Chris and Nic) and the farmers’ market and a local orchard farm stand and other adventures too numerous and ‘normal’ to mention.

And it is the last week of summer 2009.