We have a basement. A big basement. And there’s a room that is separate from the rest that would be perfect as a root cellar. Yes, these are the types of things I think about all the time.

I have been thinking alot about next spring and what to plant and where for our garden. We moved here in late April and I was not ready for gardening. I didn’t know anything about they yard (where water pools, where there’s direct sun and partial shade) or the local deer population.

Now I am itching to be canning and freezing and dehydrating in preparation for winter. Except that I’ve not done most of that since I was a child watching my mother, grandmother and aunt working.

I think I have an overly romaticized vision of gardening and putting up the harvest…which has consistently kept me from digging in, literally, and putting my ideas to work.

So here I sit, just before the beginning of fall thinking about a year from now and how I want to be spending my time and what I need to do between now and then to be ready.

And that root cellar is part of the whole plan…I just know it.