sept20 005

Papa Chris finally has a pickup truck. šŸ™‚

We’ve been talking about getting a second vehicle for months. Chris has been watching craigslist and stalking local car lots.

Finally last week his constant check of craigslist paid off. We found this used Dodge Ram, in good shape (far from perfect) and for a price we could afford (hence the far from perfect.)

We bought it Friday and went to the DMV on Saturday to get it titled and plated. No matter what anyone says about DMVs, I gotta say, all my interactions with the ones here have left me quite impressed. They are so darn efficient that I have no time to read or knit as is my plan while waiting.

I drove the truck yesterday to meet up with some mama friends for knitting and crocheting time. It is a cute truck but I prefer my van. šŸ˜‰

And that’s the awesome thing. Now that Chris has a truck to drive to the train station, the attachlings and I have our own transportation for getting out and enjoying this beautiful, beautiful corner of the world…and during Autumn!

peace all,

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