First, I’ll spare you a photo of the two large trash bags we filled along our morning nature walk. In fact I’m sparing myself…since I’m not trudging out to the end of the driveway to take said photo. Suffice it to say, there was a lot. We almost had to leave the bags by the side of the road they were so heavy. I was thinking that it would be far better to drive back up the hill with the van later than to risk breaking the bags and having our hard work re-strewn about the mountainside.

However we found the strength to get the bags home and unceremoniously drop them at the street. There they will stay until the recycling truck trundles by on Friday.

We live in a pretty isolated place, btw. It is astonishing to me the number of probable drinking parties we were cleaning up after. I didn’t even know that beer bottles came in sizes that big. And from our estimation Bud Light is the beer of choice of people who have no intention of cleaning up after themselves.

Giving back to the Earth was the theme for our day. Ancient peoples — you know back before the wars when people grew more of their own food 😉 — would have given a portion of their harvest to the gods as thanks for enough food to survive another winter.

We don’t grow our own food (yet) so I set out to find another way to give back to Mother Earth. And this was a very tangible way for the attachlings to get involved. Though we were helping the Earth, we were also helping ourselves, because now we don’t have to see that litter as we walk each morning.

After lunch I brought out pages that I had printed out from Earth’s Child Handbook: crafts and inspiration for the spiritual child.


These are self-published and can be purchased chapter-by-chapter at the above link. I bought the first two chapters the day I learned of this resource. I see that there is another one available now as well.

The pages I printed out for use yesterday were all about the Earth and had several pages devoted to recycling (a word find and a maze.)

My favorite was this image of Mother Earth (or whatever anyone wants to call it) that each of us colored in (Whinnie colored one but promptly crinkled it up as she does everything she creates.)


sept22 009


sept22 003


sept22 004

Theo’s animal totems for making an Earth Mobile:

sept22 006


sept22 007

The time while we were coloring (it took me about 90 minutes to do my Mother Earth…I like detail work) we talked about the Earth and taking care of her and about native peoples and animal totems. Nic is now very intrigued by animal totems and wants to learn more. Lovely. Especially when you consider that this all started because I sat down at the table with the Mother Earth sheet and a set of (sharpened) coloring pencils. Within minutes they were gathered about me saying, “that’s beautiful,” and, “I wish I had one of those sheets to color.” 😀 Of course I was ready with printouts aplenty.

After we were spent on this project it was time for Whinnie’s nap and the boys to get some time together.

When Papa Chris got home he had many wonderful pieces of art to look at and many hugs to give out to his  ‘planet heroes.’