Yesterday started with an awesome-long nature walk. We drove to the other side of the development to walk near the lake. Having a van at our disposal is so very nice…as the walk back from the lake is a weary one.

We explored, found fungus, found toads, explored newly-fallen trees, collected leaves and quartz-looking rocks. And played with the neighbor’s two dogs also our on a morning walk.

Once back home there was a dizzying blur of cleaning up, gathering snacks, and getting on with the work of the day. Nic completed his schoolwork before lunch and we were ready for freeplay time.

The boys read, read, read and read more. They stop and build with Whinnie, and then read more. They read together or apart. They are readers. I am a happy mama. πŸ˜€

Whinnie refused a nap yesterday. Ugh.
She tends to be a shrill dictator when she refuses to nap.
She played more with the boys and didn’t become truly shrill until dinnertime.

And while all this life-living occurred and they buzzed all about me, I did this:

sept24 003

It doesn’t look like much…but I am all puffed up with pride over it. πŸ™‚

I have practiced over and over and over again since Sunday evening to learn the essential skills to crochet. Sandi and Kelley showed me the basics and that gave me a great foundation.

I looked online for more information and watched a few how-to videos, but I am not a visual learner, so kept missing something. But on Wednesday we went to the library and I got this book:

Her descriptions of the various steps needed to accomplish each type of stitch are just what I needed.

So in that photo above, after vast amounts of trying and pulling it out and trying again, I have accomplished several rows of single crochet, two rows of double crochet and one row of treble crochet. πŸ˜€


Today I tackle making circular forms.

I still absolutely crochet like a knitter. I can’t rotate my crochet hook to grab the yarn, I have to throw it over the hook like I would when knitting. And I crochet left-handed, as my right hand is accustomed to controlling thread tension.

But I learned something really important when teaching myself how to knit last winter: form doesn’t matter right now — work on function, work on getting the stitches looking right and uniform now — the rest will come with practice.

Now I am in such a good rhythm with knitting that I don’t even think about the process, I just pick up the needles and knit. I know that with practice I will get to that point with crocheting as well. It is only a matter of time.

And the cooler weather is heading in and I will spend more time inside and (hopefully) spend some of that time creating wonderful things with my needles and hooks.