Yesterday I took the attachlings to the nearby children’s/science museum. The museum is very small. (For friends in Indiana…imagine the whole place could probably fit inside PlayScape. 🙂 )

Each time the children seem to find a different thing to focus on, a different way to play. And since it is now the school year, the place tends to be fairly empty.

When we got there we had the place all to ourselves. We usually stay two hours, btw, which is exactly how long the parking meter will stay filled.

After we’d been there for about one hour a school group arrived. This group was obviously from a private school, as attested to by their identical uniforms and the name of the school embroidered on their shirts. (Yes, I do know that some public schools do that now as well, but this school had ‘Christian Academy’ in its name.)

I was quite pleasantly surprised, though. The group had a good ratio of students to adults and the children seemed to explore and play well…not wildly. My attachlings mostly went on about their exploring as if the other children were not there…they were busy. 🙂

We all had a good time. Eventually the school children were called away from their exploration time to attend the ‘program’ part of their visit, which, apparently, involved sitting still and listening to someone telling them something about what they were going to be learning or doing at the museum. {snort}

Here’s the ‘odd encounter’ part of the visit.

At dinner last night Nic told me that the girl that came to do artwork near him, asked him if he believed in god. Okay. Hmmm….

Nic said that he told her he believed in Mother Earth.

Then the girl told him that he was going to H-E-L-L unless he believed in god.

(When Nic related this he said ‘hell’ but told me that the girl spelled it out like that.)

I asked what he said when she told him that, and he said, ‘well, we all have our own beliefs.’ And the girl proceeded to say, ‘no really, you have to believe in god or you will go to H-E-L-L.’

Nic reported that he just shrugged his shoulders at this and kept cutting with the scissors.

Nic said that she kept saying these things to him to the point where he was beginning to feel angry with her…not because of her beliefs but because he just wanted to work on his artwork. So he just walked away and came to play with Whinnie and Theo.

I saw the girl in question, btw, she looked to be about 8 years old.

How odd…and sad.

And yet, I am proud of Nic. Just a few months ago he probably would have gotten into an ugly yelling match with her.

After he told me about the whole encounter, I asked him what he thought. He said, ‘I thought it was weird and annoying. But I remembered what you said about differences of opinions about god and religion. I remembered that wars start over stuff like that. I didn’t want a war, so I walked away from her.’

So totally rockin’ cool. 😀