Today starts my favorite month of the year.

October is wonderful. Here at the beginning (at least in our corner of the world) there are wonderful sunny mornings paired with delightful crisp air. The trees are just beginning their yearly color extravaganza.

The attachlings and I can take our morning walk without the heavy armaments of winter outer-clothes. We can walk slowly, lazily, as we are chased neither by arctic winds, nor by the heat of the day.

October is all about the colors of Autumn. Deep, earthy colors in every shade of red, orange, yellow and brown. There’s still plenty of green too, though it’s intensity is fading.

October ends with Halloween or Samhain, depending on one’s preferences and beliefs.

October this year plays host to the Harvest Moon….that full moon that is the closest one to the Autumnal Equinox. Most of the time September receives this honor…but not this year.

So today we celebrate the coming of October and prepare for the Harvest Moon’s appearance in just a few more days.

And October will bring Papa Chris back to us.

October is good.