This afternoon, barring any changes or complications, Chris will be back home with us.

He’s been in Florida for a week for his association’s annual convention.

We have missed him so very much. I don’t know how families do it who need to be separated for long periods of time. Or how they deal with the stress when said missing family member is away doing something potentially dangerous. Military families, especially, have my support and sympathy.

Whinnie is old enough now (she’ll be 3 in 2 more months) to actually miss Chris when he’s gone. It’s both sweet and pathetic.

But soon we shall all be reunited and the boys will no doubt fall into bed tonight thoroughly exhausted from the non-stop talking fest that will be our afternoon and evening.

Oh, and I scheduled this week as our ‘fall break’ so no pesky schoolwork projects to distract us from our ‘Papa-love-fest.’ 😉