Sometimes I get quite overwhelmed…like now.

With Whinnie and Theo dealing with sniffles and such this week, several things fell by the wayside…like the laundry and keeping up with the absolutely-necessary daily tidy.

But I’m also overwhelmed by the volume of what I want to learn to be a better person and a better mama. One of those areas that I endeavor to learn more is in the use of herbal remedies for health and wellness.

Today a friend passed along a link to this site:

(Disclaimer: no one is compensating me in any way for promoting this site or its products.)

For $37 you get unlimited access/viewing to all the webinars and downloadable materials PLUS you get FREE the game Wildcrafting PLUS you get an ebook entitled, Herbal Remedies for Cold and Flu Season PLUS you get a free kid-friendly herbal zine. Wow. That’s a lot of pluses.

So before I begin, once again, to get overwhelmed by all that I need and want to learn, I need to bury myself in this good information and digest it.

I’m working on a present for wee Whinnie’s 3rd birthday (in 2 months!) and I’ll have photos of that project soon. And then there’s all the knitting I’m doing for holiday gift giving.

Homeschooling, handcrafting holiday presents, learning more about herbal remedies, taking online classes for better spiritual expression and understanding, home care, child care, spending time with Chris….AAEEEEEEE!

See, overwhelming.