I’ve been taking photos but forgetting to download from the camera and share. Bad blogger. 🙂

We’ve been busy with trips to science centers, bookstores,  libraries, etc.

oct17 082

oct17 083

oct17 035

This is Solstice the cat who showed up on the evening of the summer solstice and adopted us…he’s lived outside until now, but clearly he’s comfortable being an inside cat these days.

oct17 042

The doll I’ve knitted for Whinnie’s birthday. I’ve knitted several items of clothing as well and have plans to add facial features and hair before December 12th. 🙂

oct17 052

Scarf knitted for Whinnie. I used the Embossed Leaf Stitch for both ends and garter stitched in the middle. (And there was enough of the same yarn left over to make a scarf for the doll to match.)

oct17 057

Theo being creative at the science center.

oct17 061

Theo and Nic on the science center’s climbing wall.

oct17 002

Yes, she is exactly as much of a character as she looks.