For those who love yarn (and the ways that we use it to make awesome things) or even for those who love someone who loves yarn, here’s news of a new yarn club to consider.

My friend, Mandie, is the owner of Sheepy Time Knits. There at her site you can find patterns and tutorials and you can drool at her awesome yarn selections. The colorways she dyes are wonderful. I drool over something every time I visit.

Now, though, there’s a wonderful way to GET these yarns…not just drool:

The Speshul Snowflakes Yarn Club

With this yarn club, though, you get to choose what yarn you are getting and even when you would need to skip a month’s order.

Sock yarn, exclusive colorways, flexibility AND choice. Now that’s a cool deal.

So if you’d like to participate, jump on over to Sheepy Time today and sign up.

And remember, a Yarn Club subscription would make a wonderful gift for that yarn-lover in your life that seems to have everything. Because fiber artists (knitters, crocheters, etc.) can NEVER have too much yarn. 🙂


PS – who needs to sign off now and dig into my yarn basket.