Here’s a mish-mash of miscellaneous photos from the past week:

Blocking Chris’ scarf. This was one of the first things I knit. I was working on it on inauguration day in that cold January weather last winter. As it was already cold when I made it…there was not time to block. But now it is blocked and ready for Chris to use in the coming months. Plus it is just lovely to see the pattern that it created. I remember enjoying knitting it and watching how the colors would develop. (And yes, an ironing board makes a fabulous blocking pad!)

oct25 002

Whinnie loved the handmade instruments set out on haybales at the pumpkin patch. Fun, funky noisemakers she was allowed to touch and explore. πŸ™‚

oct25 043

Here’s the doll I’ve made for Whinnie and two of the articles of clothing made so far. No, the doll hasn’t a face yet…all in good time.

oct17 044

oct17 043

Last night I finished the hat I’ve made for myself for winter. It came out wonderfully! I used the pattern: Rolled Brim Hat. The free pattern has instructions for infant through adult.

I also finished knitting the square I need to make a wee present for a small friend. And I’m knitting along on a couple of new baby gifts and a holiday gift or two.

A storm moved through last Friday that changed all the crayola-esque colors of the trees into a standard autumnal orange-going-to-brown. So it certainly looks chilly and winter-approaching out there. I’m sad to see Autumn’s colors fade and happy for the weather that inspires more knitting and baking. πŸ™‚

blessed be,