Nov1 016

This is where Solstice hangs out and sometimes naps. Maybe it’s because he blends in with the black bookcase, which helps Whinnie not find him as easily. He’s such a beautiful, sleek and wonderful cat. He has a wonderful personality and loves laptime.

Nov1 004

My rolled brim hat. It’s hard to get a good shot of it, but it did turn out wonderfully. Of course it is completely ironic that the item I made for myself is nearly perfect. If only the ones I make as gifts for others would be thus. πŸ˜‰

Nov1 001

And lastly, a little something I knitted up. It’s just a square currently…a square awaiting finishing off. But it makes me giggle everytime I see it because it looks like I knitted up extra fur for Cookie Monster. πŸ™‚