Ok, first off apologies for being blog-neglectful of late. It’s just been one of *those* weeks.

Earlier this week my laptop died. Ok, it’s probably not dead but it is gonna need some geeky-love-life-support before it is functional again. Thankfully I saw this coming and spent last week copying photos onto CDs. Nine of them. That’s a whole lot of photos.

Oh, and I spent time shopping for a new (to me) one to replace it. I found a sweet ibook on ebay that I am so excited to get. It should be flying fast and have way more hard drive storage room than I need. So I bought it. Last Friday. Hasn’t even shipped yet. Why? Because the very highly praised ebay seller from whom I’m purchasing landed in the hospital for emergency back surgery just BEFORE he could ship it to me.

See? It has been one of *those* weeks.

So, yeah, I want to kvetch and whine about how much I want that ibook in my hands NOW. Because this sharing one PC with the whole family is really, really tough. Especially when you are trying to take online classes and find patterns on Ravelry that you really want to get started on.

Ok, what else? Um, our house was broken into yesterday afternoon whilst we were out. I’m 44 years old and I’ve never had a domicle burglered before. And it happened in broad daylight.

Obviously they didn’t take aforementioned PC since I’m using it. Nor did they take the *dead* laptop. All they took was a fire safe that did not have its key with it. There was nothing in it of value…just documents that are going to be a pain in the ass to replace. But replaceable nonetheless.

Wanna know what I’ve decided?
We need a big dog. A big, big dog. And we need it now.


PS – Lest my readers forget who I am, believe me, I’ve already gone through all the optimistic realizations…it is who I am.

Like I am glad we weren’t home when someone decided to kick in the basement door. Like I am glad that an expensive ibook wasn’t on the front porch when said nar-do-wells came a calling. And I am deeply, deeply fortunate to be where I am…regardless of a few people who steal instead of making good in the world.

PPS – This just in…I’m also very grateful that I get to end my day with news of the birth of a beautiful baby boy into a beautiful family. Welcome to the world baby Luke. Don’t worry…there really are more awesome people in this world than there are stinky ones…and your parents and siblings are some of the best!