Working on a big sock and a little sock, both on the knitting needles right now. I hadn’t planned on learning sock knitting right now, but am anyway. It happened because I started knitting with a new yarn, one I’d never tried before. Initially I thought it was going to be a hat. But once I started knitting, the yarn seduced me into understanding that it really, really wanted to become a christmas stocking.

Ok, a stocking. Then I got to the point in the knitting when I realized that I only knew the circular knitting part of that plan. In other words, I was knitting a big, wooly tube. 

So I got different yarn and needles out, got out the little booklet that I got with only sock and slipper patterns and started following one. Yep, a pattern. I am not one to stick with patterns much; just like with my cooking, I tend to start with the basic ingredients called for and then somewhere along the way start getting the *itch* to experiment. Typically with cooking this works out well. With knitting? I’m batting about 50%.

The thing is I don’t have time to learn a new skill right now. One month from today is Whingari’s 3rd birthday and I’m still working on her doll, and said doll’s wardrobe. And then there are loads of holiday presents in the plans, some knitted, others sewn.

And there’s my online coursework. And what else? oh, yeah, life (home keeping, cooking, cleaning, child care, homeschooling, sleeping, spending time with Chris.)

But learn I must because some sneaky wool bent me to its will.

Off to knit,