It is lovely here today, sunny and in the upper 60s or so. 

We’re off to enjoy the sunshine and warm temperatures in just a few minutes.

I finished my first ever sock over the weekend. It is far from perfect but it does fit Christopher’s foot quite well. It will probably not so much match its mate whenever I get around to knitting it, simply because I know where I erred and (hopefully) won’t next time.

I am about halfway through making another rolled brim hat…this time to give as a holiday gift. And I’ve selected a wrap I intend to make as another gift. And then I need to make a special scarf. 

And I need to finish off Whinnie’s birthday present.

And I need to begin working with the boys on their handmade presents for various family members.

I may seem stressed, but really  I’m just excited. So much to do, though, and so little time.

Off to it,