A big dog needs a big bed…like our large sofa. 🙂

What a face..he always looks like that…kinda drunk, kinda grumpy…but he’s really the dearest dog. Though we have considered renaming him Lurch. 😉

First attempt at sock knitting! It came out pretty good, completely wearable, and nearly perfect. I made it to be an anklet (in the interest of time) for Chris’ long, skinny foot. The heel had one or two complications that I understand and can prevent next time. 

And my second rolled brim hat. The first I knitted for myself. And I mused that it was unfair that something I made for myself is so easy to get perfect while nothing else is. Well, I gotta say, in this case it’s totally about the pattern. I knit this one for a holiday present and it also turned out darn-near perfect. This is such an easy pattern. I recommend it highly: http://knitting-and.com/knitting/patterns/hats/rolled-brim.html
That page has the instructions for knitting this one up from infant through adult male.

That hat, btw, is made from a yarn that is a yummy blend of alpaca and wool and acrylic. It is super soft and yet oh, so, warm. (And that is a feature that its recipient will no doubt appreciate, what with his mostly bald head. 😉

As always, off to more knitting, cleaning, cooking, homeschooling and trying to remember to enjoy every day.