Planting Trees!

Last summer we joined the Arbor Day Foundation (which costs only $10) and last week the baby trees arrived! For the $10 membership fee they send you 10 baby trees, of your choosing. There are spruce and pine and, our choice ‘flowering trees.’

So Chris and the boys planted: 2 crabapples, 2 washington hawthornes, 2 eastern redbuds, 2 golden raintrees, and 2 white dogwoods…all from Arbor Day. 

They also moved 8 other trees from various places around the yard (where they would not be able to flourish) including sycamores and pines.

Eighteen trees planted or replanted…such a good way to spend the day.

My job? Watching these two monkeys (and the big dog) and dolling out the trees.

peace and blessings,