big, wooly sock

Started on Friday, finished on Sunday (after spending way too much time on Saturday making mistakes, ripping it out and starting it back before the mistakes…) This turned out great! I had feared socks for months and months after reading and hearing how hard they were. This wasn’t hard at all. I’m 3/4ths down with the mate and should be able to give them to Chris this evening.

Looking forward to making custom, wool socks for everyone in the family. 🙂

A quick, non-specific, shot of several gifts I’ve finished. 

Full yarn bins! {squeeee}

Happy children playing. 🙂

Yesterday we tried to readjust to Papa Chris being gone. He’d been home with us for 5 days (and we stayed home 2 of those days due to the holiday and the after holiday insanity) and we were going through a bit of withdrawal.

We stayed busy, ran a few errands, enjoyed good books…

I cleaned and reorganized the laundry room while the children played. It needed it! The laundry room has become the pet-food staging/feeding area as well, and it was getting pretty disgusting. The solution was to clear off the upper shelf of clutter and put the laundry baskets up there. That cleared much floor space that then only needed sweeping and mopping and voila! clean, functional laundry room/pet feeding area.

Ah, tis good to stay busy when you’re missing someone dear.

peace, blessings, and happy December,