The snow didn’t start until about 10:30 Friday evening, about 22 hours ago (at the time of this post.) And yet we have an estimated 30″ out there right now. Unbelievable. 

I am delighted and grateful that I took the weather predictions seriously and stocked up. Not only would I hate to try and go out in this to get supplies, it wouldn’t even be possible.

So we stayed in today, watched it snow, and ate fresh and mostly from-scratch food. All was good.

Here’s several photos, they are posted in chronological order from about 8 am to just about sundown at 5 pm.

(Family of 3 or 4 deer trudging through the snow at dusk.)

And what we did while inside:

Well, some of it. There was also lots of cooking, a little cleaning, much reading, as much knitting as I could squeeze in and board games. 

Tomorrow maybe we’ll actually bundle the children up and let them lose in the snow. But we’ll need one of those little flags attached to Whinnie’s hood — the snow might just drift and blow enough over night to be over her head.

But we are staying warm, well-fed and reasonably affable.