Somewhere in the range of 30+” of snow is very heavy and a lot of work to move out of one’s way.

The vehicles have been (mostly) uncovered and started up to warm. But we’re not going anywhere for at least another day or so. Neither our road nor the one connecting our road to a main road have been plowed or salted. 

But Chris only works two days this week and, quite thankfully, can do this work from home. He doesn’t need to go to his office again until January 4th. 🙂

We’ll need a grocery run long before then, of course, but at least we’ll be fine for several more days. 

We’ve had such a nice Family Yule day. I finished the last of the Yule gifts at 12:30 this morning and headed for bed.

This morning I was able to give each loved-one 2 presents and we’ve spent the day playing games, eating good food, and playing in the snow.


A blessed Yule to all,