Ok, I admit it freely…due to the crazy-crafting schedule I gave myself before the holidays, I got lazy and used the dryer more than usual. But, all that is over now and we finally have a clear day. So the quilts (4 of them) and some sheets went out on the deck for drying.

I was looking into the veracity of the idea that things will dry even if they freeze. I referenced it in this post: DARE TO DRY

I can tell you now, not only will they dry, they will do it in about 20 minutes instead of the hours it takes during the summer time. Who’da thunk it?

The sheets came in first, so stiff I had to bend them to get them in the dryer to finish them off. Then 15 minutes on low heat later and they were warm and ready to put on the bed. The first quilt is in the dryer now, another 15 minutes or so.

So it does work, and work very well actually.

It feels like it’s in the teens out there today. So I have to dash out quickly, do what needs doing, and get back in before my fingers freeze. Yikes!

But I promise to do better with winter clothesline use now that I’ve seen it is more than worth the work (cold, I mean COLD) of going out to do it.