I’m not completely sure of this, but I *think* I’m gonna have a go at daily posting again. I have found myself posting less and less recently and I think I miss it.

I thought I’d share a few pix of a LOOOOOOOONNNNNNGGGGG cross stitch project that I completed finally.

I started this piece when I was pregnant with Theo. Yes Theo. I needed to be very restful during his pregnancy and getting out the cross stitch seemed to be just the ticket. But once Theo was born life was busy and then there were several moves and then there was Whinnie. Ah, well. Finally I finished it.

The pattern did not specify a name or heritage, but I did find the exact same image, same clothes, same headress, same everything, in a history book and it was labeled there as Red Cloud.

This was an extremely intricate pattern, probably the most detailed one I’ve ever attempted much less completed. The photos certainly do not do it justice, nor do they pick up the glint of the shiny metallic floss used in the feathers, the eyes and a bit of the headress.

Cross stitch is much like knitting in the amount of patience and detail that is needed. But there is far more to lug around, and many more things for children to tinker with.

But maybe I’ll pick up the cross stitch again this summer, when the weather encourages me relinquish the yarn for a bit. We’ll see.