Today Whinnie wasn’t feeling very well. I’d not say she’s sick, as she didn’t really seem to be…at times like this I tend to use the adjective: puny.

So I spent several hours being occupied fully with a cuddly, wiggly three-year-old in my lap. Knitting is impossible at times like these, but watching her chosen DVD is not my idea of fun either.

So I started reading the book I mentioned yesterday, Coop.

Lovely book which had me laughing at loud repeatedly.

Here’s my favorite line so far:

When she finally paused to let her scissors cool, the newspaper looked as though it had been caught in the cross fire of a street fight conducted with X-Acto knives and a confetti canon. (p58)

Whinnie seems ok, btw. Overnight will tell if she is sick or just feeling puny for a day.