We decided to ignore the cold, windy, rainy weather and escape to the Maryland Science Center today. It’s all the way over in Baltimore, which didn’t seem so far away when we lived in Bethesda. But now? it’s a serious trek that we don’t make often.

Of course I have photos of Whinnie and Theo playing at the water table and exploring in the dinosaur exhibit. But I’m not going to post those, at least not today. Instead here are shots of signs that hovered above various play areas within “Kids Room.”

As you can see there’s nothing particularly amazing about the photography. But it was cool that these signs that were colored circles with black paint photographed that way.

But as I looked at the photos I wondered, am I missing a life lesson here? Maybe my life would be less complicated, more satisfying and way easier for the children to understand if I took those four signs seriously. 🙂