First, here’s a link to the pattern I used: Vest

It’s at the Lion Brand site, for which you’ll need a free account. There are TONS of free patterns there…definitely worth a look. 🙂

The pattern specified 3 skeins of a discontinued yarn…and did not include yardage. But I had two full skeins of Fisherman’s Wool in the color Nature’s Brown, so I was covered.

I followed the pattern almost to the letter. I didn’t include pockets, and added extra space on the sides, by picking up stitches and doing vertical garter stitching. It looks nice and adds extra stretch to the vest.

The most daunting part was picking up stitches from the bottom right front, up around the neck and down to the bottom left front. That’s 277 stitches. Whew!

The only other thing I modified was the size of the button panel ribbing. I made these about 3 times the size called for, for both appearance and fit.