I miss Half Price Books. We would go there at least monthly and the children would dig into the shelves gleefully…knowing they could each choose at least one book. And I’d have my list of titles/authors for which I was looking.

Here we have Wonder Book. I’ve been to two of their three locations and have found them to be crowded and disorganized. And busting at the seams with a huge collection. Unfortunately I do not have time to go through all the shelves looking for titles and there is no inventory list to consult.

BUT they have an online portal…this I love.

Today I found four (relatively) obscure titles there. The most expensive was $3.49 and you can order as many books as you like and pay $3.99 for shipping.

Four books with shipping for less than $15? 😀



(PS — local friends…bonus! they are just down the street from JoAnn’s Fabric in Frederick.)