For the last week or so I’ve been making green smoothies for breakfast most days. I was inspired by my Indy-mama-friends to give it a try. πŸ™‚

What makes a smoothie green? For me it is the inclusion of a good green, leafy vegetable. So far I’ve used raw baby spinach for this element. My other ingredients are: frozen fruit, plain yogurt, wheat germ, herbal tea, honey and ice.

Say you don’t like spinach? Worry not, you can’t even taste it. If I blend well on the highest setting I can’t even see the little green specks anymore.

Today I sent a pound of raw kale through the food processor; now it looks like bright green sand. I bagged it and popped it in the freezer and it is ready for tomorrow’s smoothie. While I had the processor out I decided to do the same with a pound of carrots. Tomorrow’s smoothie is sounding better all the time.

Want more info on making smoothies (and why)? Take a look at this new blog of my dearest dear friend, Anna: Nude Food

Or take a look here at her eHow article: Smoothies

Both articles will give you links that you can follow to learn even more.

Thanks to Pam, JoAnn and Anna I’m having a healthier start to my days…and the attachlings love it!