I read books like Radical Simplicity and Nourishing Traditions, see the contradictions and am torn.

In Radical Simplicity it is pretty clear that a vegetarian diet is what the planet needs of us. I get that. I understand that my ‘footprint’ will be smaller without animal products.

In Nourishing Traditions it is equally clear that a diet rich in unrefined/unmolested animal products is crucial to health.

So what is a person to do? I want the planet to be healthy but not at the expense of my own ability to live a long, healthy life. I want to be healthy personally, but not at the expense of the planet’s ability to meet the needs of a growing population.

Here’s where I am right now: working to be a Locavore. If I can get most of the animal products of our diets from local sources (like milk, eggs and chicken from a neighbor) then I can be certain of the quality of the food. But I can also ensure that the animals are cared for humanely and on land that would not be useful for crops.

I’m not sure if that’s enough. But it is what I have.