Biggest snow in 100 years around here? Maybe. And our first winter in this beautiful place. Enjoy the pix! We’re enjoying being well-stocked, reliable power, good books and lots of projects.

The vehicles yesterday.

The vehicles today.

Nic NOT getting to the vehicles. We were actually just out there clearing off the porch and digging a ‘potty tunnel’ for big dog.

Here’s the craziest part about it…the snow on our deck. That photo was taken from a basement window and the snow is much higher now. In the middle of the deck it comes up almost up to the height of the rails. It looks like a bounce-house floor out there.

It is beautiful. And we are safe and warm inside. We have plenty of groceries and other necessities. There’s plenty to knit and plenty to read and always movies and board games. We’re not going anywhere for days. Jut thought you’d like to know. 🙂