Today found Nic and Theo both recovering from being sick…or in Theo’s case, being sick all over again…this time with ear pain. But Whinnie was showing signs of some deep cabin fever. So off we went, just us girls.

Whinnie is a funny little three-year-old. Sometimes I do forget that she’s not a baby anymore, even though she is very good at expressing opinions and the need to be in complete control of her own life, wardrobe and destiny. 😉

So when I asked her what she wanted to do with the day, I kinda expected it to be taken as a rhetorical statement. Whinnie had other ideas. First she wanted to go to a diner nearby and have toast and jelly. She was quite specific about that. Then she wanted to go to the ‘ball museum’ which is her way of saying the discovery center in Winchester.

Whinnie spent at least half of her time there at the moon sand table….just like always.

We had fun. We went shoe-shopping, something Whinnie loves and I don’t. But I got new birkenstocks that I’ve been needing rather desperately.

And we picked up some medicine for Theo’s ears

And I tried kombucha for the first time.

It was a good day.

I have to remember to go out alone with just Whinnie more often. She’s a pretty cool little girl.