I’ve been making these for years…probably since Theo was an infant. They are always a hit and are very simple. And if your family has a hankering for those pricey (and ingredient-laden) clif bars and such, this is a good compromise.

Peanut Crispy Bars

peanut butter
chocolate chips
crispy rice cereal
butterscotch chips (optional)
Quantities are flexible…I rarely measure. A good eyeball is that you want slightly more pb than honey. You only need about a tsp of salt and about 2 tsp of cinnamon and a bag of chocolate chips.

You need a large pan, put in the honey and pb, turn on medium temp, add in the salt and cinnamon and start stirring. It will scorch and burn very quickly unless you keep it moving.

Once it is homogenous and almost thin enough to pour, turn off the heat and let it cool for a bit. If you want the chocolate chips to melt, go ahead and put them in now. If you want them to stay more whole, then wait till it cools down more.

While it is still warm add in about a half a box of the rice cereal. Stir well, you’ll see areas where it’s all goo and no cereal, keep adding cereal into all of the pb mixture is well coated with cereal and vice versa.

If you waited on the chips, mix them in now.

Then pour/scoop into a large pan and mush it down into the corners. Cover, place in the fridge and let it set up for several hours…overnight is great.

As for the optional butterscotch chips…Theo loves it when I *hide* a few butterscotch chips in the batch. I’d guess that I do about a half bag of chocolate chips and about 3 tablespoons of butterscotch.