*Traditional* can mean many things to many peoples over a vast and varied planetary population. My usage references the book Nourishing Traditions.

I think traditional foods might also coincide with people’s ideas of Slow Foods.

A gallon of just-finished, home-brewed Kombucha — started on 3/21.

Soaked-flour whole-wheat muffins — started yesterday. (Recipe from the GNOWFLINS eCourse I’m taking.)

Yesterday Whinnie and I had navy beans that had been soaked in apple cider vinegar and water overnight, then drained, water added and cooked in the crockpot overnight. Super good and with all that phytic acid neutralized…making more nutrients available to us.

With the beans we had basmati brown rice that, too, had been soaked in ACV overnight, then drained and cooked.

Slow foods don’t necessarily require more work. They do require planning ahead. Most of the work is done by the ingredients over time.

And when great taste and improved digestibility intersect I’m a happy mama. 😀