I picked up this book (and several others about knitting) at the library today. Awesome library! I am sooooo grateful to be home again. 🙂

It is a fantastic book with patterns based on knits from the 30s through the 70s. I may not ever knit up any of them, but that’s quite ok.

What is so very cool is that this book is history. It is about a specific knitting mill in Cleveland, Ohio. And in it you can learn about how the knits were impacted by all that was going on in the world at that time.

Why were the colors so dramatic in the late 40s and beyond? Could it be a reaction to all the drab colors necessitated by the war years? You bet!

That is the type of thing this book gives the reader.

And that is what I meant by ‘It’s all connected.’ It really is.

So whatever my child has a passion for, I will do everything I can to help facilitate feeding that passion. Whether they are interested in Pokemon or Star Wars or wizards or Legos or, dare I dream? knitting, whatever they do, see, read, learn…it will all bring them back around to everything. It. Is. All. Connected.

I love that.