Fresh from the oven cinnamon rolls. I love these from Trader Joe’s…so easy and as is the norm for TJ’s products, less yucky pseudo-food-chemical-gunk than most alternatives.

Why is this a post? Because it is part of something that I am working to nurture….a sense that everyday is a wonder and an adventure when you are a child. They all should be. If they are rote or boring or, far worse, traumatic, then something is truly wrong.

So what’s better than waking up to find that someone you love, someone who loves you, thought about you and proactively prepared something designed to make you smile. I want to be that Mama. And by my daily choices I am that Mama. Sometimes more so, sometimes less. Eh, I’m still human.

But I do try to cultivate an eagerness in my children. I want them to bound out of bed eager to find out what this day holds.