I’m thinking about those two words today:

What comes to mind? Trust is an easy word to feel good about; it seems like a positive thing. Surrender, though? boy that one can be fraught with negative feelings.

For me this unschooling path is about trust.
I trust that humans are ‘hard-wired’ to learn. (Not necessarily what someone else decides it is time for, though.)
I trust that my attachlings are eager to learn.

But I think that my thoughts need to reach further in; to surrender
Ah, there’s a sticky-wicket.
Surrender conjures images of giving-up, giving-in, becoming passive, acquiescing, allowing oneself, maybe even, to be a victim.

But maybe surrender also means a release.
Don’t all religions speak to a ‘giving up of self to higher purpose, destiny or Power?’

Surrender, in the context that I am coming to view it, isn’t about giving up; it is about relinquishing control and ideas of perfection or ‘shoulds.’

So, really, I’m looking for a word that blends these two: Trust & Surrender

I think I may have found it in the word: EMBRACE