The only tradition we’ve held to over many years, many changes, many moves is that we make/decorate sugar cookies on Christmas Eve. The tradition comes partly from giving anxious, excited, anticipatory children something creative and focused to do. And partly from the fact that bleary-eyed parents find that leftover sugar cookies are lovely with coffee on Christmas morning. 😉

This year we’re adding gingerbread cookie baking. Normally batter doesn’t thrill me, bu these colors needed a photo (that’s molasses rich dough meets eggs + butter):


That batter became these. They are enormous cookies. We used about 5 cups of flour to make just these two:

Then Nic decorated them:

Bread, several types of cookies plus cinnamon rolls in the works. Good eats for Christmas day.

And here’s me, feeling all happy and festive to be in my beloved kitchen on Christmas Eve once again. 

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays everyone.