This was the best Christmas I’ve had since 2006 (and that one wins ‘best Christmas ever’ because I was snuggling 12 day old Whingari in my arms throughout.)

We are Home. We are well (Chris is healing albeit slowly.) The children were quite happy with their presents. There were baked goods everywhere. 😀

Today the tree is put away, the floor has been vacuumed, the kitchen is clean & swept of all remnants of Moon Sand (one of Whinnie’s favorite presents this year) and the laundry is on its way to being cleaned, folded and put away.

Here’s the 2010th photo I’ve taken with my cell phone (yes, I’m enough of a dork to find that interesting enough a reason to post this one…)

There’s my lovely knitting basket…complete with my green socks (almost complete), yarn for Theo’s blue socks (not yet started) and miscellany that I keep near me. And my laptop. A clean house, knitting and the internet. I’m blessed. 😉