Welcome 2011!

2010 brought big changes;

wait, I mean 2009 brought big changes;

no, wait, I mean 2008 brought big changes;

no, maybe that was 2006 that brought the big changes…

huh? What’s going on here?

2005 we bought our Indiana home

2006 we added our 3rd child/1st daughter

2008 we moved to DC

2009 we bought a house in and moved to Harpers Ferry

2010 we decided to sell that house and move back to the one in Indiana

So, life is all about change. Huh? Whodathunk?

The last quarter of 2010 was challenging for me and for our family. But it helped open me up to this reality (that quite frankly I’d been resisting for, um, ever.)

Life is change. All that exists will someday not. Everything deteriorates. This is the nature of life.

I am neither extraordinarily blessed nor abysmally cursed. Life is just in constant motion.

So, as I look forward to this new year I endeavor to remember that. And to remember that right now, this very moment, is all that I *own.*

Frightening and invigorating all in one breath.

Ok, 2011 — let’s have at it. 😀