We have a digital camera.
It is neither fancy nor expensive. But it does take nice photos.
Do I take it with me? Almost never.

But I have my cell phone and it has a perfectly sufficient camera for my needs.

And what are those needs?
To be in my pocket at all times so that I might just catch/document these dear children going on about their days.

If I relied upon the digital camera I wouldn’t get many photos. I’d have to make a point of bringing it along and then remembering to use it. But the cell phone camera? Always there and always at the ready.

The trade off?
The photos are not high resolution, nor can I guarantee that what I snap will be what I capture.
I don’t mind the lower resolution. Actually since mostly I just want photos for here and my flickr account, it is preferable. The digital camera’s photos are HUGE in file size terms.

As for not knowing what I’m getting….that’s the limitation that I embrace.
This photo-capturing adventure is, for me, then much like parenting. I endeavor to show up and make sure that things are as well-cared-for as possible. Then I just keep clicking. What I get is what I get. Sometimes the surprises make me sigh. But mostly they make me smile.