Remember Toes?
That’s the doll I made for Whinnie for her 4th birthday.

The pattern comes from this book:

This is a lovely book, btw, I’ve made several items from it and have found all the instructions to be clear and simple to follow. {And any imperfections in Toes are due to my skill level…not the pattern itself.)

It was my intent to post more information about the construction of the doll….but I have been busy and distracted by so many other things.

The knitting of most of the pieces took about a week; so not very long at all.
The piecing together happened over the course of one day (because I chose to do so the day before her birthday and, thus, had quite the firm built-in deadline. ugh.)

Here are a few photos from that day-long construction:

Later that evening, after Whinnie had gone to bed, I brought out my embroidery floss and added the face (look at the first photo in this post.)

She’s now had Toes for 1 month (today) and all her seams are holding tight. Whew.

{and, yes, those eagle-eyed among you might notice that I changed environments several times during the construction — most of it happened at Panera and our local library…}