More snow and a plummet back into the deep freeze is forecast for our next few days. Despite my sniffles, it seemed prudent then to gather up the attachlings and head out to run some errands (aka get away from the house for a few hours.)

First, lunch, where the above photos were snatched. (Nic was along too but off at the restroom during these shots.)

These guys are so fun and silly and full of enthusiasm and goofiness.
All it takes is a camera and they ham it up grandly.

Right after this the boys had me laughing out loud.
They were pretending to toss something back and forth over the table.
“What are you guys doing?”
The response? “Throwing around ideas.”

Love it!

After that we headed to the library.
There’s Whinnie & Theo at my feet while I find some titles for Chris.

What are they doing?
Arranging the extra book ends (stored underneath the bottom shelf…who knew?) for play.

I love that these children (and their older brother too) find fun everywhere.
They don’t accept that errands have to be drudgery.
They look around and see something new and different.

And because they take the time to look, sometimes they find surprises there beneath the bottom shelf. šŸ˜‰